Summer Classes

VIRTUAL Summer Classes

Due to COVID-19 we have decided not to offer in-studio summer classes at this time. If able, we will add some at a later date.  We will email everyone those options when and if we can offer them.

Until then, we have some virtual options for you! You will need to have the Band App to take them. If you need to download it CLICK HERE. You can also download it on your mobile device. Some classes may also use a Zoom link, no download needed and the link would be provided in your Band ap.

CLICK HERE to learn about our MBC Family Tree Campaign.  It includes access to our summer classes, waived fall registration fees, and many other benefits.

Virtual Summer Classes and Sessions

Virtual classes with specific themes and skills will be offered throughout the summer.  Each class will run for 4 days and have different resource and activities.  The time listed with the class is the virtual class portion when the dancer should log into BAND.


For dancers that are not currently MBC students we welcome you to attend our summer programs! If you are trying to determine which one is appropriate for you please contact our office at 507-625-7716 or send an email to and we would be happy to assist you with placing your dancer.

Summer Ballet Sessions

Young Men’s Class: June 8th – 11th and July 13th – 16th (Ballet 1A+)

Meet Me in the Middle Class: June 8th-11th and July 13th – 16th (Ballet 1A-2A)

Company Prep Class: June 8th – 11th and July 13th – 16th (Ballet 2B+)

Pointe Prep Class: June 8th – 11th and July 13th – 16th (Ballet 2B+)

Spotlight Class: June 15th – 18th and July 20th – 23rd (Ballet 2B+)

Children’s Division Ballet Sessions

Children’s Ballet: June 22nd – 25th and July 20th-23rd

(recommended for Pre-Ballet 1, Pre-Ballet 2, and Ballet 1)

Summer Jazz Sessions

Intro to Jazz: July 20th – 23rd (Pre-Jazz or ages 5-7)

Musical Mashup Class Intermediate: June 22nd – 25th (Jazz 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

Musical Mashup Class Advanced: June 22nd – 25th ( Jazz 3A+)

Jazz and Jive Intermediate: July 6th – 9th (Jazz 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

Jazz and Jive Advanced: July 6th – 9th (Jazz 3A+)

Summer Tap Sessions

Intro to Tap: July 20th – 23rd (Pre-Tap or ages 5-7)

Tap Rhythms Intermediate: June 15th – 18th (Tap 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

Tap Rhythms Advanced: June 15th – 18th  (Tap 3A+)

Lyrical and Improv Sessions

Lyrical and Improv 1: June 1st – 4th (Ballet 2B+)

Lyrical and Improv 2: July 6th – 10th (Ballet 2B+)

Itty Bitty Dance Sessions

Itty Bitty Dancers: June 8th – 11th

(recommended for ages 2-5 with a parent or guardian)

Summer Dress Code

Dancers attending for summer sessions do NOT need to purchased a class leotard as we will be using the summer to place them for the fall. Our dress code is more lax in the summer, but we do prefer that all dancers taking ballet are in a leotard of some kind, tights and ballet slippers. Hair should be pulled off the face and in a bun for intermediate and advanced classes.