Teen/Adult Open Classes

Teen/Adult Open Classes

Dance is a perfect way to maintain balance, stay stretched out and remain active. Open Classes are a perfect way to do that on a weekly bases.

These classes are perfect for competitive dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, or teens/adults with little or no previous dance experience.  Adults that have danced in the past will enjoy getting back into the studio and class setting.

Performing opportunities are dependent on the class size, the classes desire to perform and the Director’s needs for casting.  To participate in the recital there must be at least 4 or more dancers who wish to participate in order for a recital dance to be set on them.  This may also require extra rehearsal time outside of class and will include an additional fee.

Teen/Adult Open Classes for 2024 Season

Drop in rates:

  • $18 for a 45 minute class
  • $20 for a 60 minute class

Dress Code for Teen/Adult Classes

While this isn’t part of our regular class division MBC Teen/Adult Open Classes do still have a dress code. Adults attending may adopt a more informal dress code, but are encouraged to have their hair pulled back, and to have ballet slippers. Yoga wear, leggings, tank tops etc. are all acceptable.