A La Carte Ballet Classes

A La Carte Ballet Classes

A La Carte ballet classes are perfect for competitive dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, or teens/adults with previous dance experience and can be enrolled for individually or as a full set. 

A La Carte dancers are not eligible to perform in The Nutcracker. A La Carte dancers MUST be enrolled for both Tuesday and Friday classes to perform in the recital. Performing in the recital is optional and dancers must decide by January if they want to Opt-In to perform in the recital. (There must be at least 3 or more dancers who opt-in for a recital dance to be set on them)

A La Carte Ballet Classes for 2021/22 Season

Monday Pointe Class 7:00-8:00pm Mr. Riley (may only attend if you are taking class on pointe)

Tuesday Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Technique 8:00-9:00pm Miss Maria (Ages 9 and up)

Friday Advanced Ballet Technique 6:45-8:15pm Miss Taylor (Ages 12 and up)

Drop in rate for a 60 minute class is $20 and 90 minute class is $25

Dress Code for A La Carte Ballet Classes

While this isn’t part of our regular ballet division MBC A La Carte ballet classes do still have a dress code. Adults attending may adopt a more informal dress code, but are encouraged to have their hair pulled back, and to have ballet slippers. Dancers may wear any ballet leotard of any style and color.  Dancers should wear pink ballet tights and pink ballet slippers and hair MUST be in a bun.  Young men may wear a t-shirt or leotard of any solid color with black tights and black ballet slippers.