MBC Fundraisers

Mankato Ballet Company does several annual fundraisers to help support our students, staff and facility.

These fundraisers also help offset costs of performances and production expenses.  Because MBC owns all its own costumes to help keep costs down to individual students we use these fundraisers to assist MBC in maintaining these costumes.

These are optional fundraisers that are easy to participate in and we are grateful for all who join in helping support our studio!

Upcoming MBC Fundraisers

Double Good Popcorn

Double Good Popcorn – This fundraiser is one of our most successful ones each season.  Purchase and ship this delicious popcorn anywhere. It makes amazing gifts and has super fun flavors.

MBC gets 50% of each bag sold, it is completely virtual and only lasts 4 days.  Download the app, share your link and begin selling. 

Awesome prizes will be awarded to the top 4 sellers!!

Don’t want to set up a store…that’s fine, you can still support MBC by purchasing popcorn. 

CLICK HERE to purchase. 



Dinner for Dancers

Dinner for Dancers – Chipotle on Wednesday, December 6th from 5-9pm