Company Members

Mankato Ballet Performing Company Members

The Mankato Ballet Performing Company (MBPC) is a group of highly focus dancers who may wish to pursue dance in the future whether it may be at the college level, with a professional company or as an instructor. These dancers must meet a list of criteria and then go through a formal audition process to be accepted into the MBPC.

2023-24 Performing Company Members

Soloist Company Members

Isabel Carleton, Catherine Cummings, Caleb Hartwig, Kaitlyn Landgraff, Chloe Michels, Elise Miller, Quinn Rassbach, Grace Smithback

Demi Soloist Company Members

Sasha Jakovich, Grace Goedtke

Corps de Ballet Company Members

Olivia Carleton, Hope Chaves, Charlotte Cummings, Zella Erickson, Kadence Nicholle, Julia Shabrack, Rosemary Sullivan, Ella Urban

Apprentice Company Members

Calista Asker, Addison Consoer, Gabi DeVos, Linnea Hendley, Marika Laidlaw, Evelyn Smithback

Trainee Company Members

Ella Barker, Magdalena Caron, Maria Cole, Katelyn Corcoran, Linnea Miller, Brynn Sandmann