MBC Family Tree

Join the MBC Family Tree

Help us complete our goal of raising $370,000 for our new Facility

Mankato Ballet Company has become a family of dancers, parents, and instructors.  We thrive because we have the support of our families who volunteer, donate and enroll their kids in classes with us and we want to honor that sentiment by launching our FINAL drive for our Capital Campaign, with only $70,000 left to raise!

You, our families, are the ones that make us what we are and we wanted to find a way for you to feel value from your donation. With your help and generosity we can finish up this last amount of fundraising.  We call this our MBC Family Tree Campaign and we hope you will join us.

Each donation level receives some amazing gifts including: ACCESS to Summer Classes, WAIVED Fall Registration, and COMPED tickets!

Click on the image to enlarge, or CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF.

To Make a donation to the Family Tree Campaign, and begin receiving your benefits, click on your desired donation level below.

MBC Family Tree Campaign

Our new lobby will feature beautiful donor plaques on the wall for everyone who contributes $250 or more to our Capital Campaign. Click below to make your one time donation. If you have already donated this year and would like to increase your donation so you can be featured on a plaque, you are welcome to do so.

Mankato Ballet Company is a non-profit organization. To make a tax deductible donation larger than the amounts above, click the donate button to be directed to PayPal or mail your donation to: P.O. Box 114 Mankato, MN 56002-0114

Join us on the wall! All donations over $250 will be featured on wall plaques in the lobby of our new facility.

(Sample donor wall design by Wendy Betters)

Monthly Donations

MBC Families can also add a monthly donation to their account. This will be drafted each month until you request the draft is turned off or when the Capital Campaign ends in May 2021.