Attendance & Class Policies

Attendance & Class Policies

Mankato Ballet Company is pleased to offer quality dance training in a structured environment. Each level has a syllabus and framework to be accomplished.

Students in our Youth Division and higher are evaluated mid-year and year-end so they can track progress and understand what they need to accomplish to move on to the next level.

In an effort to put out exemplary dancers we adhere to strict policies regarding dress code, attendance, and classroom etiquette. These have been designed to promote fairness, ensure proper training, and encourage respect.

Attendance Information

  1. Dancers missing more than 40% of their classes from the time they enroll may be ineligible to perform, per the discretion of the instructor.
  2. Attendance is crucial to the success of a dancer’s training and taking classes inconsistently may lead to injury. If an instructor fears for a dancers safety a meeting with the Director may be called to determine a modified class routine.
  3. Dancers who miss class are encouraged to do Make-Up classes. Dancers may take the level below their current level as a make up class.
  4. Performing Company Members are required to do Make-Up classes for all missed ballet classes.

Class Information

  1. All our published classes are subject to a 5 student minimum. If fewer that that are enrolled the class is subject to cancellation and you will be notified of alternative class options for your dancer.
  2. Refunds are not given for missed classes, but Make-Up classes may be taken.
  3. Registration for ANY class after December is subject to the instructors approval.
  4. Families who are not paid up on their accounts by April 1st may be ineligible to perform.
  5. Dancers will stay in their current level from September through May, unless an instructor feels a move is warranted mid year.
  6. Dancers in 2A and above are evaluated mid year and again at the end of the year. This tool is helpful for the dancer and parent to see where they need to focus in class. Dancers who receive satisfactory ratings in all areas will be moved up a level in the fall.  In some cases dancers will be held back until they master the required skill set. This is a matter of safety for the dancers who are moving into pointe work.
  7. We are a youth based organization and as such allow dancers to enroll for classes up to age 21 in our regular level system. Advanced levels are still based on a recommendation from the Director.
  8. Dancers over age 21 are encouraged to try our A La Carte, Open, Adult or Session Classes.

Classroom Etiquette

  1. Dancers must be on time to class
  2. Dancers entering the classroom after a class has begun should wait until there is a break between combinations before entering, so there is as little disruption as possible
  3. Dancers more than 20 minutes late may be asked to observe the remainder of class
  4. Dancers should raise their hand to be called on or ask a question
  5. Dancers should NOT chew gum in class
  6. Dancers should NOT bring cell phones into the studio
  7. Dancers should be in proper Dress Code and hair should be styled appropriately for their level
  8. Dancers should address their instructors as Miss, or Mr. – Followed by their first name.
  9. Dancers attending a Make-Up class should always allow the other students to proceed them. The student doing the Make-Up is a guest in another class and should be respectful of that class’ time