Performing Company

Mankato Ballet Performing Company

Auditions for the Performing Company 2021/22 Season have already concluded. If you have a new dancer to MBC that is eligible and interested in joining this fall. Please email us at  

The Mankato Ballet Performing Company (MBPC) is a group of highly focus dancers who may wish to pursue dance in the future whether it may be at the college level, with a professional company or as an instructor. These dancers must meet a list of criteria and then go through a formal audition process to be accepted into the MBPC.

Once a member of the MBPC, the dancers take a 2 hour weekly Company Class in addition to their regular classes. They have mandatory rehearsals 2-3 times a week for performances that occur 3 times a year. Additional performance opportunities may also arise.

Late applications from non-MBC dancers who are interested in joining the MBPC for the fall of 2021 will be accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director and Ballet Master.

Performing Company Criteria

  • Dancer must be in 3B or higher in the fall
  • Dancer must have begun pointe work the previous year
  • Dancer must be in middle school or high school
  • Dancer must take 3 weeks of a summer intensive either at MBC or another reputable dance school
  • Dancer must enroll for the MBPC Company Crash Course Intensive in August

Click here for an audition packet and more detailed information 

Advanced Ballet Intensive

For full intensive class schedule CLICK HERE (Schedule is subject to change)

Company Crash Course Intensive

This is a mandatory week of classes to prepare to be in the MBPC and to learn choreography for the upcoming season. ALL company members will stay for all portions of choreography even if they may not end up performing it.  Learning choreography is important and dancers gain knowledge and strength from understudy opportunities. Each day will begin with a ballet warm up class and be followed by rehearsals for various works we will have in our repertoire this fall, including: Collage, The Nutcracker, and Swan Lake.

CLICK HERE for the schedule.

2021- 2022 Performing Company Members

Soloist Company Members

Delanie Ackerman, Peyton Broskoff, Emily Frutos Krueger, Riley Jones, Alexa Rassbach, Kirsten Sims, Sarina Spieker

Demi Soloist Company Members

Catherine Cummings, Elodie DeVos, Chloe Michels, Elise Miller, Lilyanna Le-Luong, Isabella Roe

Corps de Ballet Company Members

Isabel Carleton, Emma Choe, Karl Davis, Sasha Jakovich, Kaitlyn Landgraff, Quinn Rassbach, Kaitlyn Rudolf, Grace Smithback, Adam Wedzina

Apprentice Company Members

Charlotte Cummings, Grace Goedtke, Caleb Hartwig

Trainee Company Members

Hope Chaves, Zella Erickson, Kadence Hiniker, River Kemp, Ella Urban