Welcome to MBC

What Next?

Now that you are registered with the Mankato Ballet Company we want to be certain you are all ready for the first day of classes.

Read below so you don’t miss out on any important details and be sure your dancer is ready for the first day of classes this season.

Classes start Monday, September 13th!

Dress Code Dance Attire

MBC has a set Dress Code. If you haven’t already ordered what your dancer needs for class please CLICK HERE to place an online order. Orders will be processed and available for pick up during our Registration Open House Week (August 30th through September 2nd).

We do keep an inventory of items at the studio for dancers who need to purchase items the first week of classes.

Registration Week Shirts

Each year we offer a limited edition MBC shirt. These are not mandatory to purchase, but are a great way to show your MBC spirit! To place an order for your Registration Day Shirt CLICK HERE.

Registration Open House Week

We have an Open House week where you can visit the facility, see the studios, meet some instructors, pick up dance attire, register if you still need to, take advantage of our pay-in-full discount and pick up registration t-shirts. Please mark your calendars for:

Monday, August 30th from 3-6pm

Tuesday, August 31st from 9am to noon

Wednesday, September 1st from 3-6pm

Thursday, September 2nd from 9am to noon

Band App

We use the the Band App frequently to communicate with our families; it is free and can be downloaded on any mobile devise. You can also manage it through your desktop if you prefer. CLICK HERE to download.

The Nutcracker

If your dancer is enrolled in our ballet program and is registered for Ballet 1A or higher he or she is eligible to participate in The Nutcracker. Dancers wishing to join MUST complete the Performance Agreement by August 29th. To complete this form and learn more about The Nutcracker, CLICK HERE.

Parent Portal

CLICK HERE to go back to the Parent Portal. In the portal you can add more classes. You can also check your account balance, update credit card info and see what classes you have registered for.