Capital Campaign – CONCLUDED

Capital Campaign goal to raise $370,000!


In 2017, Mankato Ballet Company realized we were bursting at the seams and we could do so much more for our dancers and community with more room to expand.

The Mankato Ballet Company Board of Directors researched a number of options, but soon realized constructing our own space was the best way to ensure we had the ideal space for our dancers. Cherry Creek, Inc. reached out to us and a collaboration commenced.

With input from our board, our staff, and the families we serve, we created a customized new space that opened in the fall of 2020. Our new location is located at, 1650 Tullamore Street, near the Riverhills Mall.

What this new space provides for our families and our dancers

  • 9,000 square feet of space specifically designed for our dancers
  • 4 studios-2 ballet studios, 1 tap studio and a children’s studio
  • Student and staff lounge
  • Spacious locker rooms
  • Lobby and offices for our teachers and staff

We wouldn’t be able to do this without community partners like Cherry Creek, Inc., Doug and Adrienne Fahrforth, Mayo Clinic Health System, Scheels, Northern Comfort, Walmart, Madelia Optometric, Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation, L & N Andreas Foundation, Optimal Performance Specialists, Bamco, the Smentek/Sullivan Families.

Our Sponsorship Heroes

Our sponsorship patrons are featured on a plaque outside the area they sponsored as well as on our Patron Wall. Thank you to all our heroes!

Studio A: $25,000 – SPONSORED by L & N Andreas Foundation
Studio B: $25,000 – SPONSORED by Scheels
Studio C: $25,000 – SPONSORED by the MARDAG Foundation
Studio D: $25,000 – SPONSORED by Cherry Creek, Inc.
Student Lounge: $10,000 – SPONSORED by Doug and Adrienne Fahrforth
Girls Locker Room: $10,000 – SPONSORED by Mayo Clinic Health System
Studio Office: $7,500 – SPONSORED by Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation
Boys Locker Room: $5,000 – SPONSORED by Madelia Optometric
Staff Lounge: $5,000 – SPONSORED by The Smentek and Sullivan Families
Studio Flooring: $5,000 – SPONSORED by Schwickerts Tecta

SAMPLE DONOR WALL (design by Wendy Betters)