Young Men’s Classes

Young Men’s Classes

Boys and young men are vital to performances and productions.  We hope to nurture younger male dancers and help them grow with our dance program so that as they get older they see the value in dance and will be available to do more advanced things such as partnering.

These boys classes began as a trial program and one we feel was successful and will continue to support.  Our goal is to encourage young men to consider dance as an option for exercise and to get rid of the stigma that is sometimes attached to entering the field of dance.

We have revamped our scholarship and discount structure to better reflect the dedication our older young men are showing.  As our young men grow into their dancing it becomes more difficult to overcome that stigma and we want to support and nurture them by providing the scholarships needed to stay involved with ballet.  Our lower levels still receive a generous discount on tuition that we hope encourages them to give ballet a try.

Young Men’s Placement & Benefits

  • Young men enroll in ballet with the young ladies based on their previous skill, experience and age
  • Young men in Ballet 2A and higher get the benefit of an additional boys class. This class is 30 minutes and is taught by our Ballet Master, Mr. Riley Thomas Weber

Young Men’s Tuition Discount & Scholarship

  • Young men pay the Annual Registration Fee each fall
  • Young men receive one (1) FREE month of ballet tuition
  • Young men in Ballet 1A and higher receive a 50% off tuition scholarship after the first month of free tuition
  • Young men are eligible for the 10% pay in full discount
  • Young men in Ballet 1A and higher must maintain good attendance to keep their scholarship
  • Young men in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet and Ballet 1 pay normal tuition rates after the first free month
  • Young men enrolled in ballet will get a 10% discount on one supplementary class
  • Young Men enrolled in Session Classes are not eligible for free tuition