Monthly Theme Classes

Monthly Theme Dance Classes

Mankato Ballet Company is pleased to offer monthly theme classes. These classes are designed with the child in mind so they get to experience and excite their imaginations through a complete program.

We offer two different age groups and the classes are for boys and girls with or without dance experience. While we will be teaching a fun dance to music that goes with our theme, the focus will be on the child’s internal ability to express themselves through dance, music and movement.

Class Information

All classes are one hour and 45 minutes long. These classes are NON-PERFORMING! Dancers may wear fun leos, tights, and tutus if they wish.  THEY ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO DRESS TO MATCH THE THEME!! Part of the class experience will be dressing up and we will provide things for the children to use. Participants will get to learn a dance, do a craft and have a nut free snack and also get a fun theme gift to bring home with them.  Parents do not need to stay and it is preferred if you drop off your dancer and then pick them back up. Please sign up through the Parent Portal or create a Portal if you are a first time student. Boys DO pay for this class. Registration Fee will be waived.

For informative pdf flyer about these classes click here. (No theme classes are scheduled yet for 2017/18)

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Class Dates and Times

Classes are always on Saturdays and are divided by ages. Classes for Ages 3-5 will be 10:00-11:45. Classes for Ages 6-8 will be 12:00-1:45.