Code of Ethics

Mankato Ballet Company Code of Ethics

Students of the Mankato Ballet Company strive to behave in a positive and constructive manner at all times and to utilize truth, fairness and integrity in the development of personal decisions and relationships both inside and out of the classroom.

Ethical Guidelines for MBC Students

These guidelines have been prepared by the Ethics Committee of the Mankato Ballet Company and follow industry standards for students of dance and closely related professions. They are intended to provide all dance students guidance in daily settings from the dressing room, the dance studio to one-on-one instruction.


I. The best interests of each other comes first

  • Strive to encourage each other.
  • Give positive feedback to each other.


II. Maintain kind and positive relationships with fellow dancers

  • Friendships within the studio setting are important.
  • Nurture these relationships with kindness and respect to those who are close to you, but also those with whom you share performing time. Dancers are a team and should be able to trust each other.


III. The education and experience of this art form for each dancer is paramount

  • Each dancer should be able to attend class without feeling threatened, intimidated, or anxious.
  • Each dancer should be able to leave having learned more about their chosen art form and having that art form as their central focus and enjoyment.


IV. Foster relationships with fellow dancers, instructors, costumers and other MBC volunteers in a truthful and fair manner

  • All members of MBC staff, fellow students and volunteers should be treated with respect.
  • Those who are elders should be treated with the correct level of respect.
  • Those who are peers should be treated in a kind and fair manner.


V. Maintain a professional image and conduct

  • Dancers and company members are the face of MBC and should conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the organization.
  • Dancers choosing to participate in Social Media are reminded that this is an extension of yourself and all posts should reflect positively on your classmates and the organization.
  • Younger dancers learn from example and it is very important that they see positive role models throughout the higher levels.


Dancers who feel they are being mistreated by a fellow dancer are encouraged to notify an instructor.  A review will be made of the situation and an appropriate action will be taken.

  • The allegation may be found false and no action will be taken.
  • The allegation may be found true and an appropriate response will be taken.

Please remember – it is a privilege to participate in ballet classes and performances.  One’s behavior must emulate that privilege.